My Network Marketing Game Plan Part 1

My Network Marketing Game Plan Part 1

As part of being transparent. Mainly to show people exactly what I’m doing. These will be the original links. The programs I am in and you will be joining under a member of my, our team.

First off, is getting clear about my resolve. Deciding on the companies that Profitable Network Marketer endorses and sticking with them. It easy to say, but this is a major problem with affiliate and network marketers. Jumping from one program to the next. This is where the resolve comes in. Making a plan and sticking with it.

Program 1 Power Lead System

Power Lead System is how this website is possible as well as any lead capture pages that I create.

Lead capture pages give a person the ability to get a another person’s information. Usually it is someone’s name, email address and sometimes their phone number. Here is an example of a lead capture page

Power Lead System is an excellent program because the pages can be easily duplicated. Duplication is how success is created.

Compensation Plan Video


Brief Overview Diagram



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Using Power Lead Systems Power Blog

Using Power Lead Systems Power Blog

This is my first post for Profitable Network Marketer. The aim of this site is to prove to people that they can go from making nothing to earning income online.

I’m going to post not only about the victories, but also the struggles that I face along the way and how I’m evolving.

This blog is powered by Power Lead System

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