Below is a quote from Erric Worre. A link to the article is at the end of this post. I highly recommend reading it.


It doesn’t matter what works.  It only matters what duplicates.  Say it with me: “It doesn’t matter what works.  It only matters what duplicates.”


Duplication is an old adage of Network Marketing, and it is vital if you want your business to succeed.  You might have certain skills and be able to achieve things in a way that works for you, but if those skills aren’t duplicatable–meaning if your team can not easily replicate them–then your new distributors are not going to succeed.  The benefit of Network Marketing is that you have a large group of people performing a few simple tasks over a sustained period of time.  When you recruit new distributors, you need to teach them what you do, and they need to be able to do it.


If your strategy consists of fancy things like talking to government officials or members of huge corporations, your new distributors are not going to be able to duplicate it.  Just because something works for you doesn’t mean that others can do it. It is a real problem when people fall in love with what works for them, and they forget about creating a system inside their organization that can work for anyone.


So, the best thing to do is to set up a simple system that is easily duplicatable.



What are the two most important things we can do as network marketers?


The first learning how to talk to people and how to get to those people to talk to. Learning how to network.


The second is having a system in place that can easily show these people what you do as well as others do to get people to talk to and how to talk to them.


Just because system you use works for you, doesn’t mean it will work for someone else. For example, this site is designed specifically for safelists, viral mailers and traffic exchanges.


I don’t mind working with them, but for others, it is as bad as having a regular job.


90% of my time is working on getting people into my autoresponder system and 10% is working on the system to give them options once they are in.


As promised here is the link to Eric Worre’s Article:



If you want to be successful at network marketing you must have persistence coupled with patience.


Like a river that consistently erodes a path, you must have a consistent stream of actions that lead you to the goal you desire.


The amount of persistence and patience that you must have has to be in relation to the goal that you want to achieve. If you want massive success in network marketing, it will take a massive amount of persistent action over an extended period or time.


With that being said, here is a little book excerpt to keep the river flowing.


… Always eager to learn more, Tina carried around a little notebook where she would write down titles of books leaders recommended. One such book she studied early on was Mark Yarnell’s Your Best Year in Network Marketing. One statement in particular she says changed her life: An estimated 95 percent of those who survive the first ten years of network marketing become wealthy beyond their wildest expectations.


Upon reading this, Tina thought, “What if this is true? If Yarnell is right, I want to know exactly what I need to do to survive ten years.”


Another voice in her head would argue, “But ten years is a very long time…”
Her next thought was, “I don’t really have anything else on my calendar for the next ten years, so why not? 95 percent is pretty good odds to me!”


(Excerpted from Grateful for Challenges by Tina Beer)

1453925017076“I’ve found it! I’ve got the magic pill!”


If you’ve been looking for the secret to success you have stumbled upon the blog post for you.


Are you ready? Are you sure?


Okay, here it is!


The secret pill, the all elusive secret to your success is you! Only you and the actions that you take will determine whether or not you will be successful in any endeavor.


This is the golden age of information. There is more information on any subject that you can think of available to you now than there ever has been and it is only a click away.


There really has never been a better time than now. Especially if you are getting into network marketing. As technology develops, more and more people will be looking to the internet to find out how to replace their jobs.


If you start now, take it slow, and implement the things you learn, there is no telling where you will be in 5 to 10 years.

Spend More TimeThere is a well known business saying that goes something like this.


“Spend more time working on your business than working in it.”


So, what exactly does this mean?


Working in your business is like being inside a spiral staircase. It is difficult to see why each individual stair is important. It isn’t until we view the whole staircase and where it leads to that we get a full understanding of them.


For each business there are fundamentals that must be in place. These are the first steps. Without these first steps in place, we can’t assume that we will be able to reach the top.


So, what are the first steps? What are the fundamentals if you are starting a network marketing business?


The first step isn’t a step at all. It is where you want the staircase to go. You wouldn’t start building a staircase unless you knew where it led to and why it leads there right.


This is your “why” and it is crucial if you want to start building your business. It is the top of your staircase. The “why” is the direction that gives you the strength and motivation to take the necessary time to complete each step.


It could be to have more freedom. The top of the staircase is you saying “My wife and I drop the kids off and pick them up from school together.” How many parents that you know of can do that?


It might be having enough money to do something major. The top of the staircase might be you shelling out enough money to send half a dozen people in your church on a mission trip halfway around the world.


This is exciting right!


I’m sure a picture of your “why” popped into your head by now. The clearer this picture is, the more focus and determination you’ll have when you work on each step.


If you haven’t yet, take time to write your “why” so that it is compelling enough to keep you motivated enough to focus on your goals through the disappointments.


In her book Rock Your Network Marketing Business: How To Become A Network Marketing Rock Star, Sarah Robbins wrote.


I’ve heard people in the profession say that your “why” should make you cry. What that means is that your “why” should move you emotionally and keep you enthusiastic about this business during the ups and downs that any entrepreneur can face.



She also insists that you take a couple hours to write out your “why” and then tell someone when you are done.


So, now I’m going to put you on the spot! Smiley Face! Tell us what your “why” is in the comments below!




I was watching a Periscope yesterday from Darren Rowse of Pro Blogger and he said a couple of things that were simple.


One thing was that if you want to be a blogger, you need to write every day. As the old adage goes “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

That’s a good one, but it isn’t the one that I was referring to. “Practice makes perfect.” This saying can be used on anything. Whether it be sports, rock climbing, or a new network marketing skill such as blogging.


The more you do it, the better you get at it.


The second thing that Darren said that struck me as something that not many aspiring bloggers might not think about is that you don’t have to publish everything you write.


Yes. You hear that right. Although it is good practice to write every day, not everything is going to make the grade.


If you don’t feel like something is good enough, you don’t have to put it in your blog. You can always come back later and make it better or chalk it up to a practice session.

AccountabilityNetwork marketing. Two words that have a profound impact on people that really get the business model.


They conjure up dreams of success beyond our wildest imagination or recall a past episode in their life that bring back emotions of utter disappointment.


In the quest to become the next network marketing sensation, we push ourselves and life pushes back.


Things come up. Things get in the way. Things that would be better if you had some kind of success.


Even if it was just a little bit, it would be enough to get you through those times when you want to pull your hair out. It is enough to quit dreaming those dreams and bring a bitter taste in your mouth when someone even hints about a network marketing opportunity.


I swear, it’s the republicans. Maybe the democrats were behind it. Those taxes and Jim who has way over 24 hours in a day to do this crazy messed up concept called network marketing. He has way more time than I do, get tax breaks and is in cahoots with the republicans. Could be the democrats!


Long story short. When it comes to blogging and Instagram, consistency is key. It doesn’t matter what you are selling. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to accomplish.


If you are going to blog, blogging more often gets results. Say, 4 or 5 times a week. If you use Instagram, posting at least a picture a day is minimum. It is a lot to take on on top of those things that happen that we refer to as life.


We must be accountable and it isn’t easy alone. It is way too easy to let things go. That is where a good accountability partner comes in. You are accountable to make find yourself accountable to someone if you feel you need one and you know whether you do or not.



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