If you want to be successful at network marketing you must have persistence coupled with patience.


Like a river that consistently erodes a path, you must have a consistent stream of actions that lead you to the goal you desire.


The amount of persistence and patience that you must have has to be in relation to the goal that you want to achieve. If you want massive success in network marketing, it will take a massive amount of persistent action over an extended period or time.


With that being said, here is a little book excerpt to keep the river flowing.


… Always eager to learn more, Tina carried around a little notebook where she would write down titles of books leaders recommended. One such book she studied early on was Mark Yarnell’s Your Best Year in Network Marketing. One statement in particular she says changed her life: An estimated 95 percent of those who survive the first ten years of network marketing become wealthy beyond their wildest expectations.


Upon reading this, Tina thought, “What if this is true? If Yarnell is right, I want to know exactly what I need to do to survive ten years.”


Another voice in her head would argue, “But ten years is a very long time…”
Her next thought was, “I don’t really have anything else on my calendar for the next ten years, so why not? 95 percent is pretty good odds to me!”


(Excerpted from Grateful for Challenges by Tina Beer)

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