Spend More TimeThere is a well known business saying that goes something like this.


“Spend more time working on your business than working in it.”


So, what exactly does this mean?


Working in your business is like being inside a spiral staircase. It is difficult to see why each individual stair is important. It isn’t until we view the whole staircase and where it leads to that we get a full understanding of them.


For each business there are fundamentals that must be in place. These are the first steps. Without these first steps in place, we can’t assume that we will be able to reach the top.


So, what are the first steps? What are the fundamentals if you are starting a network marketing business?


The first step isn’t a step at all. It is where you want the staircase to go. You wouldn’t start building a staircase unless you knew where it led to and why it leads there right.


This is your “why” and it is crucial if you want to start building your business. It is the top of your staircase. The “why” is the direction that gives you the strength and motivation to take the necessary time to complete each step.


It could be to have more freedom. The top of the staircase is you saying “My wife and I drop the kids off and pick them up from school together.” How many parents that you know of can do that?


It might be having enough money to do something major. The top of the staircase might be you shelling out enough money to send half a dozen people in your church on a mission trip halfway around the world.


This is exciting right!


I’m sure a picture of your “why” popped into your head by now. The clearer this picture is, the more focus and determination you’ll have when you work on each step.


If you haven’t yet, take time to write your “why” so that it is compelling enough to keep you motivated enough to focus on your goals through the disappointments.


In her book Rock Your Network Marketing Business: How To Become A Network Marketing Rock Star, Sarah Robbins wrote.


I’ve heard people in the profession say that your “why” should make you cry. What that means is that your “why” should move you emotionally and keep you enthusiastic about this business during the ups and downs that any entrepreneur can face.



She also insists that you take a couple hours to write out your “why” and then tell someone when you are done.


So, now I’m going to put you on the spot! Smiley Face! Tell us what your “why” is in the comments below!



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