Nothing online will start dumping money into your bank account without hard work first. No matter what the offer states. Online business is just like any other business in that you have to build up a customer base (your list) in order to start seeing results. The benefit that you have with an online business is that you can get started for a fraction of what it costs to open a brick and mortar store.


An autoresponder is a must have tool if you want to be successful with affiliate and network marketing. They say that the money is in the list. What makes having an autoresponder so important is it’s ability to capture a person’s email address and send out messages automatically after that email address is given. This is your list.


What makes this so important? For one, it takes a lot of people to offer your network marketing opportunity or your affiliate program to in order to make a sale. Plus, if they don’t buy into your main program, you still have the ability to send them other offers in the future.


Another use for an autoresponder is so they can get to know you, which should always be the main purpose of your first few emails. You want your customer to gain an emotional attachment to you before you try and sell something to them.


The money is in the list. The Fortune is in the follow up!


Staying with the network marketing theme, Profitable Network Marketer’s preferred autoresponders are TrafficWave, and GVO.


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