Safelists are an excellent way to start marketing if used correctly. A safelist or viral mailer is a site where everybody agrees to receive and read each other’s emails and view the opportunity associated with the email.


If you would like to use safelists, the first thing to do is create 2 Gmail accounts that should only be used for the emails that you will receive from the safelists that you sign up for.


One address is for the contact email address and the other is for the list address where you will receive the emails from the other members of the safelists. You will receive some emails from other members in your contact email address. These will be worth more credits.


Credits are what you receive when you click on the link in the email and view the opportunity for a given amount of time. If you receive 10 credits for viewing a site, that means you can send 10 emails out. Most safelists have free accounts and 2 upgraded levels which allow you to bypass having to “click for credits” as they say.


Here are several tools that can be implemented with safelists. I won’t use safelists without them. They are Referral Frenzy, Click Earner and Mailer Ninja.


Here are some effective mailers:



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