The companies that I use as tools or are actively promoting are GVO4 Corners Alliance, and Plexus.


There are several reasons for this. They are all inexpensive, have been around for quite awhile, have excellent money making potential for the serious network marketer, and have systems that are available for promotion.

So, why am I involved in more than one network marketing company? It is because I, nor you should rely on only one company(source of income).  This gives you security just in case a company folds or decides not to use MLM(Multi Level Marketing) as there means of doing business.

This happened to my sister-in-law. She was doing really good in a network marketing company. Earning a cruise ship trip and everything. One day, the company decided not to use MLM as their means of doing business.

I am not about to work hours after hours and have that happen to me!

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