TrafficWave is an autoresponder that costs $17.95 no matter how many campaigns or subscribers you have. The price usually goes up with other autoresponder services.  If you decide to promote TrafficWave and 3 people join under you the cost is paid for.


Another tool that TrafficWave provides is called an adtracker. An adtracker tells you how many times your link gets clicked on. You can essentially track where your visitors are coming from and in turn know where you are and aren’t getting results. This tells you where to focus your efforts and where you are wasting your time.


Another use for an adtracker besides tracking the hits you get on a certain link, is the ability to change the link in TrafficWave that the adtracker is associated with and it will change it anywhere the adtracker link is at. The TrafficWave links on this page and throughout the internet can be changed in an instant!


Why is this important?


Once you start figuring things out and begin to get referrals, you will want to start promoting for your downline so they get signups as well.  Once you get a referral for someone, you will want to focus your efforts, or the links that you are promoting to someone else’s affiliate link.


Being able to switch a link all across the internet to point to someone else’s affiliate link saves more time than someone just getting started with an online business could possibly realize.

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