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A Gardening Story And A Lesson For Network Marketers

I went to a business conference in Colorado one year and the first speaker, who had built several million dollar companies told a story about when he was a kid about helping his grandpa garden.

The first time he was with his grandpa at his garden he just was just standing there watching his grandpa work, not really sure what he should do.

His grandpa, busy working the garden, turned around and saw that he wasn’t doing anything and said “Don’t just stand there. Do something boy. You can learn on the fly.”

What does this have to do with network marketing?

When someone first joins network marketing a lot of times they never get out of the learning stage. Constantly taking in new content to learn what to do and hardly doing anything with it.

The real learning, however, is in the doing. Oftentimes people quit network marketing before they even get off the ground!



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