Money Programs

Money Programs


Power Lead System

Power Lead System is listed first on the money making programs list because of what it has to offer, which is training and the tools to bring people into Power Lead System and any other program you wish to promote as well as multiple programs. The training is second to none and the product allows you to create high quality capture pages to Power Lead System or any other program. Unlimited capture pages that can be shared and a blogging platform using high quality WordPress themes such as Divi can be created using only 1 domain.


Compensation Plan



 The Critical HEalth News Team and Easy Health And Wealth

The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time and second, doing something about it. - Ray Kroc

The industry that the Critical Health News Team And Easy Health And Wealth is a part of is HUGE and it is only going to get BIGGER!

We are talking this being the next trillion dollar industry.  

We are bringing people in every day and it is only getting better. 

This is the right time and the right place for us. Now, we are looking for people that are willing to step up and take action along with us.