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Overcoming Fears In Network Marketing

There is a lot of blame in the network marketing field. It was the company. The compensation plan. My sponsor didn’t help me. Network marketing is a scam. I went broke trying to build a network marketing business years ago.

Here is the bottom line. Network marketing is way better than traditional means, a job, at earning a substantial income.

There is no comparison. But…

For most people, including me, network marketing seems to bring out every fear that we’ve been hiding from ourselves.

Fears that we can’t see. Fears that manifest in different ways.

“Procrastination is, hands down, our favorite form of self-sabotage.” ― Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

The number one way that fear springs forth in our life is procrastination.

Instead of facing our fears, we procrastinate. Procrastination causes us to not do the things that we need to do even though the tasks might be simple. This is what leads to failure in network marketing.

Here is the problem and here is where the blame game comes in and that is how we hide our fears from others and, more importantly, ourselves.

How do we go about defeating fears within us that we don’t even recognize are there?

First, we have to eliminate the bad self talk that we tell ourselves subconsciously by saying positive things about ourselves.

Not the typical affirmations that you’ve heard like “I am fearless”.

Why? Because we don’t believe it in the first place.

We have a drive within us that is built into our brains to answer questions. That’s how we solve problems.

And that’s what we need to change. Our subconscious minds are constantly asking self defeating questions.

Questions like…

Why am I not good enough?

What if I try and fail?

Why am I broke?

Instead, ask a positive question as if it’s already happened.

Why am I good enough?

Why do I succeed in everything I do?

Why am I wealthy?

Why do I get people to join my network marketing business all the time?

Your mind will automatically try to answer those positive questions with positive answers.

Try it! Ask yourself positive questions as if what you want has already happened and see what happens.

Give it 90 days and you will be in a much different place at the end of those 90 days as you are now.

I discovered this from one of Noah St John’s books.

If you want to really get unstuck I highly recommend Get Unstuck Now.







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